Jyart Foundation is a not-for-profit enterprise focused on the betterement of Madagascar and its people. We provide pro bono consulting services in the areas of technology, education, business, sports, recreation, and real estate in an attempt to help narrow the divide between the priviledged and the needy in that region. At the heart of our work lies a conviction rooted in the words of Saint Ignatius of Loyola who speaks so beautifully about Generosity:

Lord, teach me to be generous.
Teach me to serve you as you deserve;
to give and not to count the cost,
to fight and not to heed the wounds,
to toil and not to seek for rest,
to labor and not to ask for reward,
save that of knowing that I do your will.

We ourselves have been blessed abudantly with love, faith, education, and knowledge. And we believe that to whom much is given, much is expected. This foundation is our attempt to give back, reach out and share in this abundance that we have received. This is a family endeavor fueled by the passion and conviction of its members. We are focusing on areas that we know and in fields where we can make a difference. The foundation's expertise at the moment covers the background of its three founding partners:

- Aina has several years of experience in architectural design backed by a degree in Architecture from City College of the City University of New York. Well traveled and very knowledgeable about the South and South-Eastern regions of Madagascar, he is also a seasoned graphic designer and 3D animator. Aina spearheads the real estate aspect of the foundation as well as its educational and design projects.

- Rado is a Computer Scientist and also a graduate of the City University of New York at Queens College. He has several years of experience designing and managing Information Technology resources and systems at the international level. Rado handles the technology aspect of the foundation and some of its educational, sports, and recerational initiatives.

- Tahiry is in the process of completing a degree in Business Administration at the State University of New York with attendance at the City University of New York at Queens College. He is very knowledgeable about administrative procedures and managerial issues as they relate to businesses, investment, and marketing. Tahiry is responsible of the management and leadership programs within the organization.

At Jyart Foundation, we are convinced that our resources are limited only by our imagination and our efforts are given beyond the best we can deliver. We do not discriminate based on social rank, belief, or geographical origin: there is only one Madagascar and therefore only one Malagasy people. Our past projects have spanned various regions, faith, and ethnicities. And we hope to start many more in that same direction.

Our budget comes from our own initiative or from generous sponsors - either individuals or organization - that take interest in our work. Our service is always free of charge. We are paid by the experience we gain from working on a given project and particularly with the knowledge that we are making a difference in the lives that we touch. Our aim is to empower individuals and communities so that they can help themselves in the long run and in turn also help others.

If you know of an area that could benefit from our services or would like to learn more about what we do, please contact us at foundation [at] jyartonline [dot] com.